Why Most College Relationships Die Young

A successful relationship always needs maturity to understand partner’s feeling, difference between correct and wrong and nonetheless absence of infatuation [age factor] and presence of attachment, care and affection towards other. Whenever the above negativities are a part of a bond that relationship doesn’t tends to last long.

Falling in love is easy especially in College days. But due to immaturity, ego, misunderstandings and childishness, today youngsters are failing in maintaining their relationships. There are instances when relationships fall prey to simple misunderstandings while there also are incidents when one is trying to be in relationship for money or timely contracts.

Relationships today are fun for some and a serious affair for others. There is an increase in number of students who don’t hesitate in confessing that they are with someone just for time pass and fun. The trend of having friendship with opposite sex, partying, being together till they are comfortable and then gradually finding other who turns out to be more compatible is increasing day by day. This whole is still okay if both people involved in relationship think alike but if one is serious for other, then the problem starts.

Why Most College Relationships Die Young

Experts suggest a self-questionnaire?

ü  Are you close friends or lovers for life?

ü  Is both of you in love or only one? If yes, how long you can bear?

ü  Can both share close to personal secrets with other?

ü  Do you really trust each other words, how long can you continue?

ü  Are you able to clear your doubts on your love directly, if any?

ü  Able to share simple jokes and fun rides, as you do with friends?

ü  Are you capable enough to sort out fights and differences?

Don’t search for answers, your own thoughts will give you, just follow them. Trust makes love stronger but it’s worthy when the relationship and love are built both with truth and understanding flaws but not taking advantage of.

Decisiveness, cheating, non-commitment, egos and insecurity always lead to break in relationship at any instant. But do not forget there are always trust-worthy people around you, it is positivity and righteousness, mainly the thought making ability in you that gives a better love relationship. [Trust others, but first analyze are they trustworthy?]

Remember, there are many successful relationships out there like you see your elders in your family. Don’t let negative thoughts and ideas overtake your power, positivity and thoughtfulness in one’s grieve. Love and relationship is no where a choice whether to pick one or change to other, they come from your heart and connect to others into a never before world of beautiful journey towards happiest future. [Trust your Love; don’t let them cheat you back]


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